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Official book summary: 

"It’s the end of the world and Sam Bland feels fine. The apocalypse hit like a tsunami, too fast for any government agency to contain. Sam is not a hero. He’s a reclusive psychology professor, wholly unprepared for survival, but spared from the virus by his antisocial tendencies. He didn’t like society before, and now all the phonies who made life miserable are zombies trying to eat him, but at least he doesn’t have to talk to them anymore. 

Charisse is his last glimmer of hope, but she’s a head-case, owned by a sociopathic yuppie warlord, and she might be playing him. That doesn’t deter Sam as he traverses the city, learning to kill and live amidst the dying and the killers, while alpha men fight for domination around him. In order to liberate the woman he thinks he loves, Sam must face the demons running amok in the world and in his head."