repressed nerd. Homeless Busker. Author on the rise.    

Growing up as a "really repressed nerd playing Dungeons and Dragons and running around in the woods with imaginary swords and an overinflated sense of heroism," it was probably inevitable that Damon would end up a storyteller with a flair for adventure and an outsider perspective. 

Despite coming of age hopelessly sexually obsessed and "in a childhood timewarp" that he believes left him developmentally behind his peers, Damon nonetheless obtained an associate degree in Radio and Television, attended Skidmore College where he studied psychology and creative writing and then moved out to San Francisco—like Kerouac, Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti before him—to forge his path as a writer, in one way or another. 

He didn't find literary fame in the Bay area but, during a stint in a bookstore working undercover in loss prevention, he was hit hard by two revelations. First, turning writing into a viable career was proving to be harder than he imagined. Second, a homeless guy in front of the store begging for change made about 300% more money than Damon did at his job—a "free market" lesson he wouldn't forget. 

Determined to walk away from "wage slavery," see the world on his own terms and become a writer the old-fashioned way (living as a Bohemian and scrawling notes as he went along), he wandered homeless for the next five years. Beginning his drug-addled, sex-crazed, inspired and ultimately enlightening journey in Europe, he describes this period as, "the most crucial, life-changing event in my life, when I really started coming into my own and figuring out who I am." The entire wild ride is documented in Damon's colorful memoir, You Pretty Things.

He has since self-published three other books: Space Chickena highly imaginative  children's story about the value of dreams and importance of overcoming fear; The Shadow Keepa choose-your-own-adventure style fantasy; and Dead High, a zombie apocalypse choose-your-own-adventure style book with incredible illustrations by Andy Atom Taylor. Now with Severed Press, a leading independent publisher of horror and science fiction, Damon makes his literary debut with Destiny Nowhere

He lives in Minoa, NY with his girlfriend, children, and a cat named Ghost.